Published: 22nd May 2006
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The massive label printing industry is beginning to look at new ways to add to its annual intake of over fifty billion dollars. One of likely area of growth is in the field of print on demand (POD) labels.

According to industry insiders, POD label system use is increasing at a rapid clip with no end in immediate site. There are a few forces driving this movement toward POD systems.

First, technological advances are making POD far more manageable than it once was. Faster equipment is producing quality output with a higher degree of flexibility. As a result, label printers can offer a greater range of profitable services.

The POD model may better meet the needs of some consumers than traditional strategies. POD allows great flexibility, faster turnaround time and the ability to make last second changes and adjustments. Many sectors of the economy are in rapid flux, and the ability to quickly produce and receive custom labels is very attractive when compared to the longer runs of labels associated with the more traditional "static" model.

POD is also attractive to label printers. Print on demand labels usually allow for a larger profit margin than long runs. Customers are willing to pay for flexibility and increased control. The POD approach also allows printers to become more integral and regularly active parts of many company's daily operations. This opportunity to build strong partnerships represents a major opportunity for printers.

Traditional label printing will not disappear any time soon, but POD technology and demand will work to transform the industry over the next few years. Both printers and clients see the possibilities and the technology to put that vision into practice is becoming more readily available.

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