Top 5 Online Shopping Sites For The Smart Bargain Hunter

Published: 17th November 2006
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There are hundreds of shopping sites out there, and for those of us who are unwilling to let go of our cash except for the best stuff sold at an even better price, it's a jungle out there. We can get easily lost in the confusing price lists, the less than reliable comparison charts and the endless searches we have to do just to hunt for the right thing to spend our money on. Most of the time we just give up looking and settle for what looks good, knowing that there must be something out there that's better and we just missed it.

Fear not. Here is a list of the top 5 online shopping sites that actually give us the tools to look for what we need: the best bargains on the net. Here's the rundown:

5th Place: woot! (

Brought to you in blog format (because a major part of the site is, indeed, a blog,) this little gem features "Today's Woot." Each day they offer an item with the lowest prices you can find, and post it in "Today's Woot." They don't offer anything else except for that single product, but they're always at a bargain and they always change every day at 12:00am (central.)

Since their inventory only consists of one product, the site will always be quick to announce if they've run out of stock, minimizing frustrating "but it says it's still available!" comments. You can't buy everything they have in supply since every account can only buy 3 units per order, but they only charge one shipping price for each order. Also you can only pay using major credit cards, so no money orders.

The site also features a community area where people can have fun talking about tech stuff. It's a great and fun site that's definitely worth the visit when you're on a bargain hunt.

4th Place: also offers one of the best deals you can find online. The Super Saver Shipping offers free shipping for every order that's above $25, a great deal for the serious bargain hunter. This deal however, comes with fine print. Some of the glaring ones:

1. Not all items are available for this offer.

2. Won't apply to overly big items.

3. Extra 3-5 shipping days.

But even with these restrictions, the $25 price tag is still a great bargain. All you have to do is to look out for the "FREE Super Saver Shipping" tag right beside the items you're drooling over and hope your total runs to at least $26.

3rd Place: Fat Wallet (

This site features one of the most active forums for finding the best deals out there! "It's like having a half million friends to ask advice from," is written on the FAQ of the website. And it's true. The forum has 15 categories, all of them very active, and very useful. Some categories you might want to look at are Hot Deals, Online Auctions, Free Stuff, Rebate Tracking and Product Reviews. Each of the forum categories will give you the advice you need to make the smart choice in buying online.

Another great thing about Fat Wallet is the Cash Back feature. It is rebate sponsored by the Fat Wallet website itself. The basic principle is if you buy an item with the Cash Back option from participating merchants and you'll get a rebate. More money in your pocket, great deal!

2nd Place: Price Grabber (

"Comparison Shopping Beyond Compare" is their motto and they live up to it superbly. Their comparison charts are the best you'll ever find online. You get links to the merchant's site, a rating column with it's own review board for each item, an availability column, and of course, a price column. A lot of merchants also post coupons for their products in this site.

One of the best features they offer for comparison shopping is the BottomLinePrice Calculations, which allows you to search for the things you want to buy with the budget you have. It includes automatic calculations of tax and shipping. There is also an email notification system that will inform you of the best bargains that are available online. If you want to hunt for the best prices the online market has to offer, this is the place to go.

1st Place: ( and

If you love you'll love this site. combines the best of with the best of online shopping. If you haven't heard of or you're just not a fan, will still wow you over with the best bargains you can find online. is a community site whose content is run solely by the shoppers themselves. Users will post the best deals they find on the net and the rest of the community will vote whether or not it's a great bargain. If you're looking for the best deals all you have to do is click on the category you want and all the best bargains will be there waiting for you, deemed worthy by shoppers and bargain hunters just like you. If you're looking for the best deals around, look no further. This site is the place to go.


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